We moved here one October with our ‘Dog-mobile’ estate car through France, via the Channel Tunnel together with our two elderly gun-dogs. Our cat flew over (by aeroplane, of course!) several weeks later, once we had settled with the dogs. The whole emigration process could not have been easier or more trouble-free. Once we left English shores, no-one worried about doggy documentation, or any other formalities, it was something between a routine house move and a one-way motoring holiday really.

For us, our dogs and Teddy the cat, the winter passed unnoticed as we all adjusted to Spanish temperatures with neither difficulty nor complaint. You may conclude that bringing beloved pets is absolutely no problem and the local vets are excellent. We quickly decided to change our car as:
a) We felt a little self-conscious driving here with GB registration plates
b) The steering wheel was now on the wrong side and
c) The Dog-mobile had no air-con.

We bought a used replacement, governed by which dealer was prepared to accept a RHD trade-in, this proved to be not our best decision and we later bought a new car – we recommend this course for several reasons – and will be happy to elaborate in person.

We elected to transport just a small truck-load of furniture & personal effects: a) The de-cluttering experience was very therapeutic, b) We did not know how much room we would have in our down-sized villa and, c) we felt that the antique furniture which suited our 16c Sussex farmhouse would look a little out of place & may not withstand the change of temperature and humidity.

These were our thoughts and, with hindsight, we feel they were the right decisions. Maybe, without the doggy factor we would have sold our car in the UK, rented a car initially, and then bought new once we had settled here.