As a general rule of thumb, expect to spend in Euros in Spain to buy what you would in GBPounds. That works for motor fuel, property & most foods etc. Cars are no longer the bargain they were and seem to suffer less depreciation than in the UK. Drink & dining out can still be ridiculously cheap if you know where to look (I have recently discovered a perfectly sound ‘mid-week quality’ red wine at 49centimos – yes 33p!) either my shopping prowess is improving or my taste-buds are going to pot! A three course Menu del Dia with ½ bot. wine p/person can be had for under 7€ (£5.00), or 4€ if a lunchtime Chinese version suits.

The global brands and designer labels, in terms of clothing and all other goods, are well represented in most major towns. In both Alicante and Valencia (I am advised by Mrs. Garwood!) the shopping is world class, with a choice of restaurants, cafes & general facilities to match. Beyond this, try either Madrid or Barcelona for a long weekend!