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Costa Blanca Select is an English partnership legally registered in Spain and based in
Moraira-Teulada, in the heart of the wonderful Marina Alta area of the Costa Blanca. We
operate as Relocation Agents & Property Finders in Moraira. Our business exists to provide
you, as a potential property owner & resident in this most favoured part of the Spanish
Mediterranean coast, with the most cost effective, expedient & stress-free way to find and
buy a property that best matches your chosen criteria. We are a team of five local people
sharing in excess of 50 years experience of living in the Moraira area. Between us we
speak English, Spanish, Valenciano French and German. We have an in depth knowledge
of the Moraira area, and we shall be delighted to have the opportunity to share this
with you.

Our clients are, typically, professional or business people; with little time to spend trawling
through the internet or trudging from agent to agent (there are around 100 of them in
and around Moraira alone!). Our clients are astute enough to realize that estate agents
earn a much larger commission here in Spain than the UK. Consequently, agents are willing
to share a portion of their fee with us as property brokers. This means that they effectively
pay for us to provide the service of Relocation Agents, of which you are the beneficiaries.

For the record:

  • At no stage do we charge you a fee for the services we provide.

  • We are not part of a franchise; we are a small partnership handling a strictly limited
    number of private clients on an individual & personal basis.

  • We are properly registered here in Spain and work from a large high street office in
    the centre of Moraira, on the Costa Blanca - North.

  • Our ‘Contact Us’ page shows our full identities, address and contact details. We do
    not work anonymously from a mobile telephone!

  • We do not accept any payments from professionals whose services we may
    recommend. Where we can, we do negotiate discounts, for the direct benefit
    of our client.

  • We earn our income impartially from a share of the commission earned by the estate
    agents or developers.