What can we say here? The World Health Organisation has decreed that this particular part of the Costa Blanca enjoys one of the very healthiest climates in the world. We can also expect to enjoy about 320days of sunshine & crystal blue skies each year. Together with the adjacent Balearic Islands, our climate is sometimes more sub-tropical than Mediterranean. We feel that the Costa Blanca has the best ‘climate compromise’ of all the costas.

We seem to have just three seasons: Spring, Summer & Autumn. Do bear in mind though that the winter, especially January & February can be surprisingly chilly – particularly inland or in the mountains. From my window here we have seen snow on the mountains beyond our valley for several days in each of the last four winters! Between last March and now (October) we have had just 3 or 4 days of rain of any note, but due to an abundance of underground springs augmented in some areas by desalination plants, hosepipe bans & water rationing are rare.

As I write this in the final week of November I can record that most days this month have reached comfortably into the 20ºs and the late evening temperatures have averaged 16-18ºc. It may be worth mentioning here that, during the summer, my wife hangs the laundry out to dry at night, to dry more slowly as, during the heat of the day the items dry hard and the colours can also fade.