So we have established that you can eat & drink very cheaply. This does not, in any way, mean that choice & quality is compromised. All of the coastal towns have a vast selection of international cuisine, offered at venues from the modest & traditional to the almost outrageously decadent & luxurious (So I’m told!).

There are restaurants offering cuisine from all regions of Spain as well as the local fish, chicken & rice specialities. Nearby, unpretentious mountain restaurants offer suckling pig and lamb, venison & game. Calpe in particular, has a row of seafood restaurants facing the harbour which would match on variety, and shame on price, those of Brittany.

We have all heard of the benefits and virtues of ‘The Mediterranean Diet’, well here you are best placed to take advantage of it – the food, the olive oil & the red wine! The overwhelming majority of the food and drink we consume here is grown, caught or manufactured within this region and is freshly available in the local shops and markets.