As indicated above, this really is the ‘Real Spain’, with much of the scenery, customs, traditions and attitudes well preserved. The annual week-long fiestas are a spectacle of feasting, fireworks, processions, music, bull-running & giant communal paellas. Such events are often repeated on the basis of the flimsiest of excuses but also on the village’s saint’s day, the Christmas & Easter periods and also to celebrate the grape harvests.

Further local examples of the ‘Old Spain’ are three quality classical & flamenco guitar makers within 15mins. and the local bull ring at Ondara. The downside of all this is that both the siesta and the mañana culture are alive and well and it can take a short while to adjust to this (well, surrender to it really!).

By contrast there is also a well established, multi-national ex-pat’ community providing corner shops with UK produce, book exchange & DVD hire, current English language films at the local (Javea) cinema, many excellent theatre groups, choirs, local & international opera, classical, jazz & rock performances, art exhibitions.

Also clubs & societies covering every interest possible, from salsa dance classes to a toastmasters club, from Reiki to a UFO spotters club ( No, I am not kidding!)